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Did I just say gnar and San Tan in the same phrase? Yes, I did. I know it seems impossible and improbable that there is some chunk in the San Tans, but there is…just a teeny tiny bit. Yesterday, I headed out on a upper 90s early evening ride, to shoot my favorite section of trail in the San Tans: down Goldmine from the lower saddle.

I like this short couple hundred yards of wide trail because it is steep, loose, and technical that is actually all rideable on the way up. I’ve dabbed in two spots in my handful of attempts, I know I can clean it if I just keep at it. Once at the saddle, you see the bench calling you to unclip and sit, but then you roll back around and see the downhill awaiting you…See here for yourself.

San Tan Park from MTBikeAZ on Vimeo.

Silly me, I had the VholdR in SD mode instead of HD…so the quality is not the best…I’ll have to hit it up again, to session the San Tans…who would of thunk?

San Tan at EveryTrail

Map created by EveryTrail: Travel Community

5 thoughts on “San Tan Gnar

  • And me too! I would love to go! I’ve taken the Gold Mine trail up past the saddle to the other side of the peak, then back to the saddle and down the same pucker-up-‘N-close-your-eyes hillside that’s in your video. I even took my own vids, but not with a helmet cam. Yours are much better. The last part of the hill, you can either go to the right (Safety Pull-out), to the left (and ride the ridge), or down the middle (with the suicide drop)! I have yet to muster up the courage to through myself off the middle line yet, but after seeing you do it… I’m headed out there on Tuesday (04/27/2010 9AM), so I’ll let you know if I swallow that chunk.

  • Dustin Lehman

    Hey Mike, let me know when you hit up ST again, I would be up for it as well!

  • Actually, the quality is still great. You should check out some of my videos. The quality is miles behind, but it’s fun.

  • Thanks Arturo. I will for sure call you next time I plan a little San Tan outing. I need a subject for the new helmetcam… I can feel the evenings start to cool a little earlier, so evenings at the San Tans should be a lot of fun.

  • Arturo

    So that’s what it looks like coming from up there! I’ve always wanted to try it but haven’t had the chance yet. Didn’t want to wipe out and not be able to hike myself out in the dark.

    When did you go? I was just out there two days ago! Let me know if you’re planning to try that trail again… would like to ride with you again! Congrats on the new baby btw. :)

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