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Little Creek Mesa

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Road trip to St. George. Suave and I rode Little Creek. It was epic to say the least. We got caught in a nice storm and rode right through it. It was a cold, wet, mud in the eye, funnest ride ever.

Little Creek Review and Maps at

Little Creek Mesa from MTBikeAZ on Vimeo.

Ride through the rain at Little Creek outside Hurricane, UT.

3 thoughts on “Little Creek Mesa

  • Nice resource for Little Creek. I really love riding there. I like camping there in the seclusion that it gives. I also like that it is close to Gooseberry so you can ride both areas in one trip up there. Here is a link to my blog that shows more photos and tells of my experience at little Creek. Thanks for sharing!

  • I find Little Creek easier and more my skill level so even more fun than Gooseberry for me. It has better flow and mostly easier challenges plus even more views.
    Some claim it’s haunted which I can’t dispute having suffered the worst MTB injury I’ve had there, a very badly sprained wrist, my dog got stung in the eye and every time there something has vanished. A rider even died there.
    Still it’s an incredible ride and awesome fun and I’m going back!

  • East Mesa Mike

    Good place for a GPS…otherwise a lot like Gooseberry…simply unbeatable if you put scenery ahead of gnar…

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