South Mountain Park Trail Map

South Mountain on

South Mountain is a Destination System right in the heart of Phoenix, Arizona.


For the Roadies: Silent Sundays

Loop 202 South Mountain Freeway info

South Mountain Park City of Phoenix

City of Phoenix South Mountain Map (PDF)

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  1. I heard there was a paved trail for road bikes at south mt, is this true? I heard there is a difficult one and not so hard, I would be interested in both.

  2. I’ll be visiting Phoenix in a few weeks and would like to rent a 29er within riding distance South Mountain and spend a day there. Any recommendations on a decent bike shop close to the mountain. Also, recommendations for trails/route. I’m a strong XC rider, comfortable on black diamond single track…no free riding. Any input would be appreciated!

  3. What are the best trails to go from West-East across the whole park? Searching the site (which I just found today and I’m hooked). I’m an intermediate rider, but am down to push myself.

  4. Hey i have a lot of first hand infor on the new trails in the west end 620 zone, many of which are simply un-ride-able to all except those with a death wish. many of them are very exposed and not even really a trail at times. technical is one thing, these are another level all together! also, mine drop is also called eliminator II on google maps and for good reason…

  5. Great help to bignner like me. By the way, what is the color difference means….red, green, orange, black… in your interactive map in South Mountain?

  6. Anyone know where I can get trails in the Phoenix area (mostly SoMo area) that are lised by difficulty? I am a new, and quite out of shape… Made the mistake of trying to ride up Devastator (32nd St) today, and found it waaay to hard for my level of fitness (lol).

  7. The new trails on the West end of South Mountain are now named. You can see the info both in the newsletter (South Mountain Newsletter Rangerglyphs (2011, Volume 4) and the new detail map

    I have also been using Google Map Maker to add the trails to the Google Map view. Most of the trails are now visible.



  8. I would love to get the PDF of the trails as the other maps on the net are lacking, but the link provided prompts for a password and anonymous/guest is not allowed. Is there another way to get the pdf?

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