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4 thoughts on “Rainbow Rim Trail, Grand Canyon

  • This trail is sweet..
    2 friends and I did this trail on memorial day weekend its off in the back country of the north rim. Camping is peaceful as there were only a few campers there. No camping fee or back country permit needed. There is a Ranger that checks the area once a day. Pack it in and pack it out It is an undeveloped GC. The trail is not technical and only a couple short climbs in each direction with great views of the canyon. We came across wild Turkey dear squirrel woodpeckers and other birds. The trail appears to be maintained well. Bring plenty of water as their is no source of it with in 20 miles. Great place to get away from the usual highly traveled and over run camping areas.

  • I did this trail 6/18/11, had a blast!! Beautiful vista points made the work all worth it! I’m more of a weekend warrior but did get ready for this ride and found it a tad tough adjusting to altitude. Trail is in great shape and fun to see kids, young folks and old geezers like me out there enjoying this epic trail. Give it a shot, you won’t be dissappointed!!

  • This trail is eighteen miles of fine single track (one way) running along the rim of the Grand Canyon. Along this eighteen miles are five points that stick out into the canyon. The trail follows the rim and then goes in away from the rim to negotiate around drainages or washes to eliminate large elevation changes and then returns to the rim and then out to the next point or (view point).
    to see photos and more info go here The cool thing is that you can camp right at the rim. This trail was made with Mountain bikes in mind. Great views and a great trail

  • David Keene

    I biked this trail over labor day weekend. Awesome. its about 36 miles if you do the whole thing. We were with a big group and different people would turn off at various points. Its great singletrack and not crazy hills just enough to raise the heartbeat

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