Arizona Mountain Biking

Bootleg Canyon, Boulder City

Bootleg Canyon Interbike Outdoor Demo day Two

Bootleg is home to the Interbike Outdoor Demo. The downhill and XC trails are perfect for demoing the latest and greatest in bikes. Bootleg is just past Hoover Dam and only a 20 minute drive from Arizona. Now that the Hoover Dam Bypass is complete, Bootleg is only 10 minutes outside the state.

Boy Scout: Awesome, rugged tech, with a little exposure. Boy Scout to Girl Scout will get you the mountain biking merit badge.

Girl Scout: Sweet and goes faster than a box of Thin Mints. Just a little tech. My favorite trail at bootleg. Video: Watch us ride down Girl Scout.

West Leg: Not as fast as Girl Scout, longer, more climbing, but still fun.

Skyline: XC meets downhill and brings tech with it. Exposure, drops, major fun. Go Skyline to East Leg for the most tech.

East Leg: Drop in from Boy Scout or Skyline. Super techy in parts. Especially towards the end. Bring cajones.

Caldera: XC loop takes you deep in to the desert. Sublime solitude and enough trail to keep you smiling.

Upper, Middle and Lower Lake View: The Interbike classic short loops. Sweet for singlespeeding and pushing fast.

Snakebite: Be prepared to go down! One of the “easier” downhill trails.

BOOTLEG from Andrew Waldron on Vimeo.

The Bootleg Canyon Down hill race near Las Vegas and Lake Mead. The Race put on on by “Downhill Mike” features top US and European racers, featuring First and Second place Dan, and Gee Atherton. All of the footage in the race was hand held using a camera rig I built. Except for a few lockoffs the rig alows me to place it on a rock and use the small head to do lock offs. The color correction looks awesome prior to upload. I really wish I could share that quality with you but, we are not there yet. I am sure not too far in the future we will see 12bit full raster 60p HD online also see the trailer at
(Heads up on this Video 26 min long. So it will take some time to load. Press play than pause, Do something else for 5min let it load then play, Also click HD on it will look better) Also for the end credits press pause, play to read they are fast!

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