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  • I love any resource that is about moutain biking in AZ. So I love your site. I see that the Sedona section is a work in progress. Also near Sedona is The Verde Valley, with Dead Horse Park trails, and Mingus Mountain downhill. Here is a link to my blog with some information on Sedona, Dead Horse and Mingus until you get those areas finished. feel free to use anything found in my blog to help you.

  • @brilog Thanks for the compliments. I’m always looking for new trails to ride and review. Summertime it’s tough to do any exploring in the valley. Anything 30 min or more is too far to drive, which is why trails in the North Valley and North West valley go unridden for so long. As soon as the temps cool off and I can ride during the day I’ll be hitting new trails valley wide…Cave Creek, T-bird park, wickenburg, Alamo Canyon, might even explore Phoenix and North mountain preserves, I haven’t ridden there for a long time. Give the Helipad TT a shot. It’s addictive.

  • I enjoy checking your page often. I read the blog and want to try the TT’s you called out. I can’t seem to ride SoMo enough so BCT and Hawes are ridden the most. It would be kool to run into you on the trails. Keep up the good work on the site. Also put up some more trails whenever possible. There seems to be a buzz about Union Hills Loop on MTBR. brilog

  • Thanks for your comments Seam. Glad you like the site. New trails, new tales. That’s what I love about mountain biking. Let me know how you like the new trails you ride, and if my descriptions were true to you.

  • Seam

    Great website! Thanks for all the info and great maps, looking forward to trying some new rides now that I’ve seen your descriptions.

  • Your maps are great. Some of the best I have seen for some of the best trails in the country. Your South Mountain map is magnitudes better than the map Phoenix has on their website. Thanks for all your hard work and keep up the riding. And thanks for the info on the San Tan and Goldmine trails.

  • Hi, are there any bike trails that would go from Ahwatukee to Tempe (Mill Ave.)?

  • Thanks for your comments Brian. I’m glad you like the site. Give me another few months and I’ll double the number of trail reviews. Enjoy the ride.

  • Brian Collet

    Great website! I rode for NAU in the 90’s, moved to Northern California for work, and now I’m living here in Phoenix. I’m exited to see such a well put-together mountain biking trail website. Good job!

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