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Silly Mountain Singletrack. You wouldn’t believe there was any in there, until you ride it. Silly Mountain is nestled up against the US 60. If you have ever been to Superior or Florence you’ve driven right passed it. Blinked and you missed it.

Every time I passed by the mountain I thought to myself, I wonder if there are trails in there?? The only thing you see from the road is the giant 4×4 track scars on the mountain. It doesn’t look inviting. This is not the trail. That part of the mountain is closed to all foot, bike and horse traffic in an effort to revegetate. The city of Apache Junction along with SALT (who helped build the Lost Goldmine trail) teamed up to build a nice little trail system inside the new Silly Mountain Park.

I was skeptical, but after a few hundred yards on Palo Verde trail, I was a happy biker. It’s all singletrack. Smooth and flowing in places, tight, twisty and tech in others. There are flats and steeps as well as a few hike-a-bikes that make this place worthy of my wheels over and over again.

My recommended route: Palo Verde >> Superstition View >> Old Baldy >> Crest. Then drop in at Old Mine for a gnarly descent or backtrack to Huff & Puff for a less technical but still steep descent. Steer clear of Jackrabbit and the east side of Supe View. Lot’s of HAB.

Here’s the quick run down on the trails:

Palo Verde: A nice introduction in to the park. Sweet and flowing singletrack with a few tight, challenging switchbacks. And a couple of steep tech climbs. Once at the View Point, drop the bike and hike to the lookout up top.

Brittle Brush: A nice technical climb or a coll and bumpy descent. It’s technical but very climbable. Palo Verde is the easier climb of the two.

Superstition View: As the name implies, get nice views of the Supes from this trail. Excellent flowing singletrack until you hit the section of trail on the east side that runs north/south and connects with Jackrabbit…it is rugged, loose and steep. Expect to HAB.

Jackrabbit: Steep and HAB up, loose and fun going down.

Coyote Loop: Fun and techy in spots.

Old Baldy: A beautiful climb from Superstition View. Where Baldy and Crest meet is a cool green lichen slickrock area. Down baldy is a fun too.

Crest: The most technical doable climb in the park. A couple of HABs but plenty of ridable gnar goign up. Coming down is nice too. There are a couple of spots that I just can’t nail. I’ll keep trying…

High Point: Leave the bike and get up there to take a few shots. Steep and loose.

Old Mine: The drop in from crest trail is wicked. I haven’t nailed it yet. It’s a steep drop into a switchback. I can make the drop, just not the turn. Soon. From the drop to the first landing flows fast, not much tech. From the landing to the junction with Brittle Brush is a tech fest. A few great series of gardens that beg line finding. It’s short lived but seriously fun. Even the climb from brittle brush up is fun. It’s technical for sure, but if you love to climb steep tech, this will be challenging. Good luck staying on your bike. I’m sure it’s possible, just not probable…

I like the trails enough to keep coming back.

Download the Official Silly Map (167K vs the one at the AJ Parks page that’s 23 MB)

6 thoughts on “Silly Mountain Park

  • Does anyone know of any books or websites with any sort of rating system for these trails?

  • Derek. Have a safe trip. The Gold Canyon trails await you … and so does some warmer weather!

  • Thanks for the great site! I’m heading to AZ tomorrow morning (from Calgary, Alberta) and super exited to check out trails around Gold Canyon where I’m visiting my folks for xmas.

    Can’t wait!


  • HAB = Hike-A-Bike. Must heft bike over your shoulder and carry it up anything to steep, gnarly, or loose to ride.

    Some riders despise HAB. I love it. It means I’m riding a sweet trail if there’s a little HAB :D

  • What does HABs mean?

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