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Estrella Mountain Regional Park, Competitive Track

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The Estrellas Race Loops offer classic AZ desert singletrack nestled up in the mountains within earshot of the Phoenix International Raceway (PIR). The competitive track includes the Long Loop, the Technical Loop and the Junior Loop.

Don’t let the double track at the start keep you away from the trail. The backside of the Estrallas is where the singletrack flows like cactus spines in your tire. Taking the Long Loop, you’ve just got to be in shape to get there. My favorite thing about this trail (outside the awesome twisty singletrack on the backside) is how far out the trail winds. It feels like I’m the only person within a hundred miles .

During the racing season the Estrellas see quite a bit of action, but outside the race crowds, I’ve never seen many riders out on the trail. The only thing that keeps me from riding this trail more often (and maybe everyone else too) is the 5 dollar drive-in fee. I gladly pay it, but only twice a year or so. With so much free riding out there it’s hard to shell out the cash when South Mountain has more for less. But still the Estrellas are perfect if you want to get away and not see a soul.

West side trails nearby: F.I.N.S. and Goat Camp in the White Tanks.

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Estrella Mountain Park next to PIR

8 thoughts on “Estrella Mountain Regional Park, Competitive Track

  • I rode this for the first time last weekend and had a great time. First half is a gradual uphill. After some singletrack, you go trough a wash. The wash is no big deal, and has some fun tech areas. As you get closer to the turn around point it gets more technical. Second half of the loop has several tech spots. This trail was a lot of run and something for everyone.

  • I rode the Long Loop Memorial Day weekend 2011. My first time riding in Phoenix. 90 degrees at 8:00 a.m. The double-track at the beginning did almost scare me off but I am glad I kept going, the ride was well worth it. Just wish I had not left my water bottles in the fridge where we were visiting.

  • Thanks for the comments Matt. The long loop is in no way a destination trail…you should have ridden FINS if you were going to make a special trip. I have not ridden the Estrella loops since FINS came to town. Even then, FINS is a destination XC trail, and I still rarely make the drive out from the South East Valley.

    Boils down to you ride what you are close to. I used to live out west so I the Estrellas and white tanks have tons of riding memories.

    You’ve got South Mountain in your backyard. You never need to go anywhere for a good ride!

  • I rode the long loop a week ago, and to me, it was absolutely not worth the trip. The first 4 miles are sand and baby heads. Like the other riders described, you then come to a saddle…the next 2 miles are singletrack fun with a few tech spots throw in. After 2 miles of fun are the flats, (see Shawn’s description of Casa Grande Mtn – bad books and boring movies). You finish off the flats with another climb, over a rock trail, to a double track climb, to the fun single track descent back to you car.

    I live in Ahwatukee, so this was a bit of a drive. I really don’t see myself making the trip out there again.

  • The long loop is very sandy. I never thought you could make a ridable trail out of a wash. Anyways, you do get to the saddle and let the games begin. There are some tight turns with some cactai at every bend. The long loop comes on about half way then gets really exciting. The tech loop is pretty fun and hairy at the same time. The junior loop is easy and can be ridden several time to make your milage log right. All in all a very fun place! Too bad it costs money. Also the parking is strictly enforced, better to park in the lines!

  • Mike in Mesa

    The long loop is fun. It starts out with a long gradual climb that doesn’t challenge much. Suddenly, the trail starts to get a little more technical as it climbs up to a saddle on the ridge-line. Once you start down the descent, the trail is fast and fun with a few moderately challenging technical obstacles…There’s lots of rocks…. Very cool trail, will definitely do it again, next time the technical loop….

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  • 10-19-2007
    I rode only the technical loop when I went there. It was very fun. It starts out fast and twisty single track as you ascend to the top of the saddle. After you start to head down the fun technical descent. Watch out because as soon as you think its time to release the hounds, the trail may change your mind. Once you’ve ridden it once though you kinda know what to expect because its short enough to remember. Moderately technicaly challageing, and aerobicly challangeing, but I,m 200 lbs plus. All in all great fun.

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