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Gooseberry Mesa

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My buddy and I rode Gooseberry MesaGoogle Earth File.  You must have Google Earth installed for this link to work. earlier this month. I know, Gooseberry’s not in Arizona, but I sure wish it was. Gooseberry is divine. Everything you hear about Gooseberry is true, and we only rode the South Rim Trail to Hidden Canyon and back through the practice loop.

Out on the trail we met Morgan Harris, one of the brothers who built Gooseberry. He was out doing routine maintenance and recommended the Hidden Canyon portion of the trail. We were not disappointed.

There is so much more to explore. If you are looking for detailed trail info, GPS tracks and maps, head on over to the Gooseberry Trail Guide at For awesome pictures, videos and a trip report visit Pete Fagerlin’s Gooseberry page.

Other great trails in the area. Jem and Guacamole. You wont be disappointed.

Gooseberry Mesa from MTBikeAZ on Vimeo.

March 2007 trip to Gooseberry Mesa. Riding Kona, King Kikapu and Kilauea. Good times.

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Gooseberry Mesa

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  • Gooseberry is fantastic as are it’s near by neighboring trails, Little Creek Mountain, Zen Trail, Guacamole and JEM. Camping is free on the mesa, bring fire wood. There is a bathroom. All the trails are fun with stunts every few seconds in many parts of the trails. Bring your dog if fit and well trained.

  • Rico Rocks!!!

  • East Mesa Mike

    Spectacular…destination ride for sure, not too gnarly, but makes you feel real earthy and spiritual…

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