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Pine Canyon Trail 26

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I hiked this beautiful trail in June 2009 with a group of Scouts. Pine Canyon is one of the most scenic and rugged trails I have hiked in a while. My last big hike was to Rainbow Bridge last year.

While I can’t officially recommend Pine Canyon for mountain biking (seeing that I only hiked it — wishing I was riding it), I can highly recommend this as a day hike shuttle or an overnight out-n-back.

For mountain biking it looks about 75-80 percent ridable. The switchbacks up top being the most gnarly of the eight miles.

I have no pictures (camera broke the day before the hike) but the views were stunning to say the least.

Check out the ride report and photos from Late Drop Bob who rode Pine Canyon on his hardtail! Awesome.


One thought on “Pine Canyon Trail 26

  • I made a few comments on the trail map you have on Google Maps. This one here on your own site is a lot clearer and easier to see than the view I got from Google. Or maybe I don’t know how to use Google Maps that well…. more likely.

    Your site is really well done and easy to use. I’ve lived in Maricopa County and in New Mexico before that. You mapped or reviewed most of my favorite hikes, plus a whole lot more! Thank you!

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