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The Hawes Loops in North Mesa are some pretty sweet singletrack. I consider this my “backyard trail” because it’s close and I’ve been riding it for years. There’s nothing too steep or technical about it, it’s just great x-country desert riding. The Mine Loop portion has a bit of climbing, but it’s nothing to fear.

The beauty of this trail is that there are several interconnecting loops…There’s Hawes Trail No. 52, Ridge Trail No. 59, Granite Trail No. 54, Saguaro Trail No. 50, and Saddle Trail No. 51. These trails make up the main body of the system. For some additional adventure you can ride the Twisted Sister trail and the Wild Horse trail. These trails are currently unmarked and are part of the Sonoran Desert Trail System Expansion Project that will designate them as official trails that connect Hawes to Pass Mountain.

On Saturdays, I always see other riders, some hammering solo and others in groups (I also see the roadies ride by as the Bush Highway is a popular road ride. You can occasionally see a recumbent rider, but weekday mornings at 5:30 AM, the trail is mine. Now it can be yours too. Just remember to take care of the trail, treat it with respect, and be kind to the hikers.

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17 thoughts on “Hawes Trail Loops

  • I plan to ride Hawes this coming week. I am a visiting Intermediate rider – 51 and would sure like to get out and ride these trails, they sound fun. Early morning on Thursday thru Sunday would work best. I would prefer to do it with a, or some, local riders. Hope someone local wants to ride.

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  • Scott

    I think I want to ride here at Xmas 2013, Dec. 22-27 2013. Staying in Mesa, renting bike, have transportation, intermediate Canadian rider (Test of Metal etc) Could go any day except the 25th or 26th.
    Hope someone local wants to ride!

  • Big N8

    Coming to Chander & brining my bike, just looking to ride. Found Hawes Loop and I’m just seeing if anyone is down to ride? I’m looking to ride on September 22nd – 24th 2013. I like to ride early 5:30-6 AM at trailheads, especially since it’s summer. I’m down with riding with any experience rider, if “I” can’t keep up, then that’s what GPS is for and I’ll figure it out. Let me know at:

  • Matt w (rdoactive)

    Rode the hawes system for the first time today.
    Your map was awesome help. Rode for two hours
    And could have gone all day long. Great system.
    Thanks for the info and advice. New to the sport
    And forever am a rider now.

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  • I run this trail also. I really like getting to back side and the feel of being in the desert is awesome.

  • I am wondering… is it possible to ride up the microwave tower road and drop down the trail that goes west from the towers?

  • Hawes would make excellent XC running. I should try it sometime. I’m working on a detailed map of all the trails in the Hawes ares. There are so many loops, so ways to ride it. In the meantime click on the TOPO button above. Dale Wiggins’ map is great and has the mileage you’re looking for.

  • Jogged these trails yesterday. Exhilarating and a wonderful change of pace from the canal systems. Does anyone have the mileage sets on these trials?

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