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Twisted Sister-Big Rock

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Twisted Sister

Twisted Sister is a 0.7 mile section of trail that shoots off the Saguaro trail (Mine Trail) in the Hawes system. A lone pole without a sign marks the trailhead. It is currently an unofficial but legal social trail on Tonto National Forest land.

As its namesake suggests, Twisted Sister twists and turns as it climbs before dropping into the boulders and turning into Big Rock Trail.

Big Rock is all down, a mile and change of sweet cross-country-no-pedaling-required (but recommended) downhill. The turns are tight and so is the singletrack…cactus at your elbows and knees. (See video below for proof)

After cleaning the big wash (or attempting to clean it) you can continue straight and bomb down to the Bush Highway or hang a right (east) for a gradual climb up Wild Horse.

Twisted Sister, Big Rock and Wild Horse make a perfect connector route from Hawes to Pass Mountain and Usery Pass mountain park.

2 thoughts on “Twisted Sister-Big Rock

  • Did you ride this with long sleeves? looks like some crazy cacti right along the trail

  • East Mesa Mike

    Night rode this trail 2 times last week. It is an awesome trail. Just enough tech to be very challenging in areas, great views, cool landscape, and plenty of desert critters (especially scorpions and rattlesnakes). A buddy almost busted some ribs when he augered into a big boulder with his chest. It slowed the ride, but luckily he was able to make it off the mountainside in tact. We staged at the turnout by the river, rode up to ridge trail, came back down saguaro, then did the mine trail climb up to twisted sister. We then jumped back on the road at wild horse and shot west back down to the truck.

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