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Wild Horse elev

Wild Horse trail stems off Big Rock just after the short but steep climb out of the big wash. Wild Horse is a gradual, steady, desert climb up to Usery Pass road. Ironically, the Wild Horse singletrack is tame. You can leave your technical skills in your CamelBak, and enjoy the mild climb through the desert. Wild horses have been spotted in the area, but I’ve never seen anything except steel, aluminum and the occasional carbon horse out on this trail. and I have finally seen the Brombies myself now, after years and years of riding out there.

From Usery Pass Road, Wild Horse is accessed by cutting through the old NRA pit. Watch for broken glass and shells. Veering right just after the pit you descend gradually. Test your skills and increase your speed as you avoid cactus at every turn.

There is also a short loop that’s rideable around the old NRA pit. If you like to catch air, try hitting the jumps on the way down.

For the endurance XR rider, Wild Horse makes a nice segway to Pass Mountain and Usery Mountain Regional Park from Hawes. There is only a short stint on the road before you can ride up the wash to Pass Mountain trail. You rack up a few extra miles and soak up some awesome scenery with a swing around Pass Mountain and Cats Peak.

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  1. Great Map! I’d like to add that an extention of the Wild Horse Trail (WHT) leads past the NRA pit and continues south to near the Bulldog Canyon Parking lot on the East side of Usery Pass Rd. Parking at the lot there and starting on the WHT, which begins across the street, is a good place to start a ride. Trying to stay on the WHT thru the NRA area is difficult but easier when starting from the BDC parking lot, which is very close to Usery Pass.

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