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East Loop, West Loop, South Mountain

View East-West Loops at South Mountain in a larger map

I finally rode these loops after 9 years in the valley. These two runts are often overlooked because of their famous big brother National and their ever popular big sister DC. The East Loop is the MTB favorite of these siblings, with the tight singletrack and light tech on the south and east side. East Loop has a good looking cousin, I don’t know her name but she sure is sweet.

There are a ton of 2nd cousin trails running all over the place out there, some with “Area Closed” signs others without. A good place to ride casually without getting too far away from the car. Beginners will be challenged, experts will enjoy the speed, flow, and a couple of tech climbs.

Also in the neighborhood are Javalina, Beverly Canyon and Ridgeline. I’ve never met Ridgeline, but I hear he’s crazy.

One thought on “East Loop, West Loop, South Mountain

  • Pick up Ridgeline after climbing Javelina to the top and climb some more. It is a little loose in spots and steep. But you get one real long downhill that has great features; wide, drops, not too loose, couple switchbacks, a steep desent that drops right into Beverly. From here you can bomb your way all the way back to the 46th street lot, or lengthen it some by adding the loops. Great ride if your short on time. The climbing in the beginning will bruise your lungs but the desent is well worth it.

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