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San Tan Park

San Tan is Dynamite

April 15, 2012

The new trail out at San Tan park is Dynamite. The Goldmine TH off Wagon Wheel and Skyline has been worthless to mountain bikers for years. The only way into the park was a horrendous Hike-a-bike I called the rite of passage. I’d tried to ride it plenty of times, but it was a wicked […]

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San Tan Gnar

September 9, 2009

Did I just say gnar and San Tan in the same phrase? Yes, I did. I know it seems impossible and improbable that there is some chunk in the San Tans, but there is…just a teeny tiny bit. Yesterday, I headed out on a upper 90s early evening ride, to shoot my favorite section of […]

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Urban XC

May 29, 2009

On Wednesday for lunch I decided to try something new. Commute by bike to the trailhead. After all, it is National Bike Month and since my wife won’t let me commute to work on my bike (I’ll wear the upstairs carpet out) I figured I’d ride to the closest trailhead instead of driving there. For […]

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For Immediate Release — Tour de San Tans

April 2, 2009

Photo courtesy Queen Creek, Arizona (April 2, 2009) — Thursday evening a small but solid group of riders showed for inaugural Tour de San Tans group ride. Leading the ride was esteemed MTB filmographer and SS Transition TransAM rider, Ruppguts. His latest work “Evening Ride San Tan Mountains” has garnered critical acclaim on the […]

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Second Chance San Tans

March 26, 2009

I’ve done my fair share of lovin’ on the San Tans as well as dissin’ on the San Tans – But I’ve never complained about the beauty of the San Tans. This solo rider totally captured the essence of this pristine desert. Even though the trails are now wide, I guess the silver lining is […]

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Soaked in the San Tans

July 22, 2008

I hit the San Tans this morning for a little singlespeed riding. I haven’t been out on the converted Avalanche since Lost Goldmine at the end of May. It was a gorgeous sunrise at 5:30 AM. Yesterday afternoon the park was hit with a deluge of rain. While there was no standing water on the […]

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Queen Creek Riders Organization (QCRO)

March 21, 2008

UPDATE: QCRO has disbanded. Calling all Southeast Valley mountain bikers! MTBR SuperModerator .downhillfaster. has founded the Queen Creek Riders Organization. The QCRO will give us SE Valley riders a virtual hub for group rides, trail advocacy and much more: This group has been established to gather the mountain biking residents of the southeast valley into […]

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I’ve Converted

March 17, 2008

Today was my first singlespeed ride since 1984. And that’s only if you count BMX riding the Arco in T.O. I tell you, I wasn’t very convinced singlespeeding was going to be anything special until I was riding in the San Tans one day. As I rode around on the Fuel EX 9, I thought…these […]

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San Tan Park Mountain Bikers’ Trail Map

February 15, 2008

UPDATE: There is no singletrack left in the system. They widened the corridors and added more lanes… The map below is now obsolete. I have finally put together a map of the San Tan Mountain Regional Park trails. This is an MTB friendly map as it will tell you where to go for the singletrack, […]

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Sweet, Sweet San Tans

February 4, 2008

I’ve been on a San Tan kick lately. I’ve been out to the park five times since I first explored the area in December. The unknown trails keep calling to me. Last weekend I rode all the newly designated trails on the new map. There are a couple of sweet singletrack segments that just may […]

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