Area 52

Area 52 is an MTB area east of Florence that has been getting a bit of attention recently. Locals have been riding there for years…and now word is getting out.

Scott Morris describes it as:

An awesome “free ride” area. There are no trails, just rock and endless lines. I wasn’t ready to head back when people started descending back to the white rock, so I hung around and rode and re-rode some of the fun stuff. There was one 3-foot drop that flowed so incredibly well that I rode it at least 10 times. Pedal up, coast, lift up, perfect landing… ahhh.

Sundog says:

Area 52 is the real deal, and its far from limited to hucksters, there are plenty of tough climbs, technical moves, and line puzzles out there to make anyone a better rider than they were previous to visiting Area 52. The riding area has been equated to a rough version of Moab’s Bartlett Wash. Picture Bartlett but with a sprinkling of gravel in places and flesh devouring pavement instead of skin burning slick rock sandstone.

Paul B says:

If it weren’t for the dangerously soft approach, I could definitely see the promise of it becoming a Gooseberry-ish patch of marked trail and sessioning areas.

As soon as Scott posts the map and GPS tracks on MTBR I’ll head out there for a little adventure. Until then read up on Area 52 with the links below.

Area 52 Waterfall Drop-in from Scott Morris on Vimeo.

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