Arizona Mountain Biking

Corona Loma, South Mountain Park

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Blog entry about this trail: First Time Down Corona de Loma

“Corona de Loma is ultimate gnar. I will describe it as steep, exposed, sharp, big hunka hunka burning rocks, with drops. Fun as can be.” -solo rider

Corona Loma is a short trail length wise, but it makes up for length in pure gnar. Dropping off National just west of the Buena Vista lot you are in for some big moves right from the get. Corona then simmers down to a mere boil as you ride down to the wash. Find your climbing skills for a short but techy climb before reaching the resting saddle.

From there you better have you big game and your big bike. 2-3 foot drops are common as well as loose, steep, sharp, and pointy objects will follow you all the way down. You should really have to post up a resume if you want to ride Corona Loma. Same goes for Holbert, Kiwanis, Alta, Mormon, and a few other choice trails on South Mountain.

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