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Drew Trail 291

Drew Trail on

Drew Trail 291 is a sweet spur off the Highline trail that makes for a nice connector trail to or from FR 300 and Military Sinkhole up on the Mogollon Rim. It’s a steady brutal climb, nearly 900 feet in in just over a mile.

I’ve been up the Drew and down it. While I totally prefer to go down, climbing Drew is a satisfying accomplishment. I was far from cleaning this mile of steep and even the hike-a-bike was greuling. But finally seeing a sliver of blue sky above the rim and rounding the last switchback as I climbed to the top was as sweet as it gets.

Coming down Drew trail is a scream fest, a blurr of rocks and roots, exposure and extacy. To ride from the top of Drew down to the See Canyon trailhead is three miles of bumpy bliss.

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