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100 Mountain Miles to Fight Cancer

Team Fatty

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UPDATE: As of today, October 19th, $190 has been donated at my LiveStrong page. I am committed to riding 38 miles. It’s not 100, but it’s still a lot. I’ll make sure it’s a tough 38 miles. Definitely singletrack. Thanks to all those who donated!

My pledge: I will ride my mountain bike
100 miles in one day…

But it’s up to you how many miles I actually ride…For every donation of 5 dollars at my LivesStrong page in support of the Lance Armstrong Foundation, I will ride 1 mile, up to a whopping 100 miles. That means I need 100 people to each donate 5 bucks or one person to donate $500.

Bottom line: $500 donated at = 100 miles of dirt under my wheels.

Team Fatty Austin is just short of our goal of $175,000. We’ve got just over a month to close that gap. Please donate and tell your friends. I will document my 100 mile ride and share the adventure here.


Why are you doing this? I am taking the LiveStrong Challenge. As a member of Team Fatty Austin. I am raising money to fight cancer. My grandmother died of cancer when I was 8. Cancer has afflicted family and friends of mine: Lorin, David, Jackee, Lisa, Scott, Truman, and Jimmy. I ride for them. I ride to fight cancer.

When will you ride? In October, before the Austin Livestrong Challenge on October 24th and 25th. I will post more details as the miles add up.

Where will you ride? On the Mogollon Rim. Elevations 7000 plus, but cooler temps than Phoenix. Proposed route:

View 100 Mountain Miles to Fight Cancer in a larger map

What kind of trail will you ride? Mostly forest roads and ATV trails (and perhaps a bit of singletrack). I have not scouted this road, but it looks good on paper. The last time I rode 20 miles of singletrack on the rim it took me six hours. Hopefully forest roads are kinder. I could be in for quite an adventure.

Have you ever ridden 100 miles in one day on your mountain bike before? No. The last time I did a big ride was back in 1995. I rode 63 miles. Before that I rode 30. Earlier this year I rode two 30 mile rides.

Will riding 100 miles in one day on your mountain bike kill you? No. But it will hurt. I guarantee that. I will suffer. But only until 100 miles are logged. It could take up to 14 hours (I sure hope I am faster than that though). No amount of my suffering will even equal a drop of the suffering that is caused by cancer.

Please donate to my LiveStrong page and give me these 100 miles.

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  • Frank. Thanks for the donation! I really appreciate it. The only way I hope to get 100 miles in one is to ride forest roads. They are much flatter and the elevation is steady drops and inclines. There will be a few hills though too. A three day bikepacking trip would be awesome, but the purpose of this ride is to ride for cancer…ride something huge that will push me past my limits.

    Rainbow Rim is on my radar too, as well as a few segments of the AZT. For the 100, I am going to ride my Trek fuel on this one, unless I have a new 2010 Stumpjumper FSR by then…

    Thanks again for the donation.

  • 100 in one day? Can’t you do it in two or three and make a camping trip out of it? You doing it alone?

    I see one person has input the 70 mile flag to Grand Canyon ride on one of my sites.
    They only averaged 3.2 mph, but it was just manually input so who knows.

    I’ve been wanting to ride to Point Sublime for years, but I don’t like going alone. 36 mile round trip, but I expect a payoff for the view. Like to camp on the rim.
    Nobody has input this ride yet.

    If I hit point sublime, then rainbow rim is a must.
    18 miles one way, but the views! Never did it because could see a lot of the high lights from the car. Not as fun, but family and such. You know.

    Anyway, sorry if I wrote your eyes off.

    What bike are you using? I think a 29er hard tail would be my choice.

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