San Tan Park Mountain Bikers’ Trail Map

by Mike on February 15, 2008

UPDATE: There is no singletrack left in the system. They widened the corridors and added more lanes… The map below is now obsolete.

I have finally put together a map of the San Tan Mountain Regional Park trails. This is an MTB friendly map as it will tell you where to go for the singletrack, where doubletrack and old Jeep roads are, and most importantly…where the SAND is. While there is quite a bit of Jeep road and doubletrack, there is a smattering of young singletrack in the area, primitive in spots but skinny just like we like it.

I’ll be updating the San Tan Park trail page soon with more detailed descriptions of the trails. Until then, download the map for a visual layout of the system.

Download the PDF San Tan TOPO Map (PDF 1.3 MB)


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1 Scott Potter September 10, 2010 at 5:48 pm


Do you have this map saved as a .tpo file? I would like to get a copy if you do. It would be way helpful. You can email it to me at


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