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When I look back at my ride log I see 443 miles for the year. That’s the equivalent of riding from Phoenix to Moab but still only a warm-up ride for Scott Morris, who logged over 5,000 miles last year. So I’m no Scott Morris, but I’m OK with that.

My 443 miles of trail included 41 rides covering 19 destination/trails. I went on three road trips – to Gooseberry Mesa in the spring, Little Creek Mesa in the fall, and Bootleg Canyon for Interbike.

I rode my favorite trails a handful of time each: Pass Mountain, Hawes, Desert Classic, and Casa Grande Mountain. I even explored a few new trails I’d been dreaming about for a long time…FINS, Sunrise, Santan, and Geronimo. I had a great year – despite a short “break” from riding that drove me (and my wife) insane for a full hundred days.

My mountain biking dreams this year are simple: Adventure – Explore. Forget about the classic rides, I’m looking for new trails, new turns, and new tech. On target are: Goat Camp, Black Canyon Trail System, Cave Creek, Six Shooters, Area 52, Tucson, Flagstaff, and Sedona.

I may not ride more this year, but at least I’ll see new dirt. Road trips to Fruita, New Mexico and Moab are simmering on the back burner too. So even though my 443 miles last year pale in comparison to other riders out there, these 443 miles are all mine. My sweat and my blood burned the tread on my tires to earn spectacular views of this desert paradise. I wouldn’t trade my miles for anyone’s.

So here’s to 2008…the adventure never ends.


2 thoughts on “Reflection

  • It’s been all too long since I’ve ridden the Wasatch trails…I miss them terribly. I went to school in Provo and probably spent more time on my bike than in class…I practically lived on the Ridge Trail 157. You are right though, the Utah high country trails are so different from the Arizona desert riding I’ve come to love. I would love to get back to Utah and reminisce the rides of my youth. Thanks for reminding me they are still there and still amazing.

  • You should consider a trip to Utah in the summer (July – Sept) to ride the high country. Park City, Millcreek Canyon and American Fork Canyon are home to some amazing trails that are totally different than what you’re used to riding.

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