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Pass Mountain Saddle Gnar from MTBikeAZ on Vimeo.

Here’s the same video hosted at VholdR. Which one is better? Vimeo loads way quicker…but the VholdR quality is just a wee bit better wouldn’t you say. Is the wait time worth the extra quality?Other Vids

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  • H. What 62 miles ride are you referring to here? BCT? Time is always determined by distance and speed. If you know your average speed on an xc ride you can figure out how long it will take…

  • how long does it take to do the entire 62mi point to point?

  • There is seven vids in that third YouTube video. The Interbike video is at Bootleg Canyon. The there is Little Creek Mesa, UT, Gooseberry Mesa, UT, National Trail, and last Hawes.

  • Where was the third video at?

  • Sweet vids of the Saddle on Pass Mountain Trail! Made my palms sweat just watching. I’ll have to hit it before it gets too warm in the season. Reminds me of the Poison Spider Mesa – Portal Trail down the face of the cliff above the CO River near Moab. Thanks for posting!

  • They are the Wed morning shuttlers. There is a whole thread on the MTBR Arizona forum dedicated to them:

    They meet at Scorpion Gulch. Post up that you want to shred with them and they will give you the details. Latedropbob is the ringleader. Tell him I sent you.

    I’ve always wanted to shuttle with them, but they would laugh at my 4″ trail bike and no armor. Still, maybe I’ll hook up sometime.

  • i heard that a group gets together for rides at south mountain with a van/trailer… do you have any 411 regarding that? i also went riding there for my first time the other day, i did the Holbert Trail. i took some video. you’re welcome to post it if you’d like. thank you for your time.

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