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Kiwanis is the bomb! My inaugural descent into Kiwanis did not disappoint. It’s only one mile long, dropping 400 feet down the north side of South Mountain from Telegraph Pass — but it makes up for length in steep staircase chunk. Kiwanis can be classified in the same genus as Holbert and 24th Street (Mormon).

Kiwanis was built by the Phoenix Kiwanis Club back in 1925. I’m sure they could never have imagined a bicycle riding their trail (and I’m positive the hikers I passed were also thinking the same thing).

Some people feel that Kiwanis makes a good climb. I can tell you for sure that it’s one glorious chunky descent.

Thank you Kiwanis Club for giving us Kiwanis trail. If there was only a club today that could build a trail this sweet in less than a day…

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  • GEZZZZZZZZZZZZZ…..i have white knuckes just watching the awesome vids…

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