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Carr Lake System

The Carr Lake Trail System made it’s debut into the Rim MTB scene with the Mogollon Masher race. The singletrack and logging roads have been around for years, but not many riders ventured out atop the rim, until the MBAA staged the race in this little known area. I get up north quite a bit and have ridden the area many times. The inner loops, Aspen North, Boulder Hop, General Crook are a blast to connect and ride loops CW or CCW, both ways are really fun. There is a little up and down either way.

Carr Lake Trails on

Aspen Trail in the Carr Lake System from MTBikeAZ on Vimeo.

View my old Carr Lake System map in Google Maps

Here’s a map of the race course.

For GPS see mcodyw’s motionbased track of the race.
Download a PDF of the race map

Singletrack mind

3 thoughts on “Carr Lake System

  • Where is the trailhead/parking for this system of trails?

  • Jag, I rode the inner loops the day after you and I have to say the singletrack inside the outer loop is awesome. There is so much out there to ride. So many options in so many directions. Glad you liked it too. Mike

  • Rode this race loop today, and I gotta say it was a blast. Nice smooth singletrack, with only a few chunky spots and some doubletrack. Lots of fun! Just the race loop from the Carr Lake TH is 9.7 miles. Easy enough for a beginner, but still fun enough for a seasoned rider. Thanks again for sharing some great riding spots!

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