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Military Sinkhole

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Military Sinkhole Elevation

Military Sinkhole is a sweet trail that drops off the top of Mogollon Rim from Forest Road 300. You can shuttle the 2.4 mile trail from the Vista parking lot off FR 300 or you can earn your downhill by climbing up, up, up, from the 260 Trailhead. You can also enjoy the down by completing a loop from the See Canyon trailhead, up, up, up the Highline to the Drew 291. Up is an understatement for climbing the Drew trail. Take a break traversing the miles along the 300 to the Vista trail. Enjoy a paved trail along the rim that turns to singletrack just before it joins the Military Sinkhole.

Right from the top you dive into a serious decent, 700 feet in one mile. It’s fairly wide but very technical, not with drops and exposure, but with relentless basketball sized rocks. The longer the travel bike you have the better. Then it levels out for a mile before dropping again to the 260 trailhead.

I love this trail.

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  • Norman Adams

    Why is it called “Military Sinkhole”?
    Like, what is the history of that name?
    Thank you!

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