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Fantasy Island

Fantasy Island GPS tracks from Scott Morris at  Rigy click - save as. Fantasy Island kmz file.  You must have Google Earth installed for this file to work Fantasy Island reviews on MTBR forum Fantasy Island TOPO by MTBikeAZ

For Fantasy Island North Singletrack in Goodyear, AZ see F.I.N.S.

View Fantasy Island Tucson in a larger map

Chuck Boyer’s Fantasy Island trails begin at Harrison at Irvington on the East Side of Tucson. A state trust land permit is required to ride at Fantasy Island.

I haven’t ridden this island paradise yet. Thanks to Scott Morris at for the GPX file (which I used to create the TOPO! and the kmz file). I’ll post my review later this winter when I finally get down there. In the meantime here are some links to what others have said about the trails:

Mountain Bike Bill’s Fantasy Island trip report Scott Morris’ TopoFusion mapping software. GPX files for Fantasy Island and others including the Arizona Trail. Fantasy Island trail review at Sonoran Desert Mountain Bicyclists Fantasy Island trail review

Fantasy Island Trail Map

Fantasy Island Articles

Forbidden Fantasy?, Tucson Weekly

4 thoughts on “Fantasy Island

  • Rode this course and it was a ton of fun. Coming from the north I made the mistake of driving thru town based on some recommendations, but I think I would have been better off taking I-10 and parking on the south side of the park on Valencia and riding the easy bunny loop as a good warm-up. Live and learn.

    Thomas Gerlach
    Professional Triathlete

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  • pete sheffield

    lost wallet fantasy island $50 reward if found. there is twenty dollars in wallet, cards and info. if found please contract Pete at 940-4700

  • Thanks for the video glenn. Nice footage.

  • I absolutely love this trail. Here is a link to my AZ video. I have ridden it on 3 different trips to Az. I know there are better more hard core trails, but this is a great close to the city begin/intermed. trail. It is relatively flat. Have fun & bring some water.

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