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Phoenix Bike Shops

Work in Progress. This should get you started though. Click on View Larger Map to see more user generated content.

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3 thoughts on “Phoenix Bike Shops

  • Hello fellows cyclists,
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  • I love Global. And they are on the map. This map is a Google map showing a search for “bike shops” in the Phoenix metro.I did not create it myself. Most of it us user generated. I have a vision of putting a more customized map together. Maybe one day… Thanks for the comment!

  • Anthony Gloria

    Thanks for the listing of Phoenix area bike shops. Did you deliberately leave of those of the East Valley? There’s a top Specialized dealer call Global Bikes with 3 shops in Chandler and Gilbert. They’re likely the top dealer with regards to warranty support, customer service, and support for the road/mountain biking community.

    Have you run across them in any of your rides? What are your thoughts of them?

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