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Interbike 2007

Review: 2008 Trek Fuel EX9

October 18, 2007

This bike is my baby. I own the 2006 edition of the Fuel EX9. The new features of the 2008 model – the Active Braking Pivot (ABP), Full Floater, and EVO Link – offer a huge step-up in performance. My 2006 EX9 is a medium size 17.5 inch, but I demoed the new 18.5 size […]

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Review: Santa Cruz Nomad

October 9, 2007

I got the most saddle time on the Santa Cruz Nomad. I didn’t want to let the bike go, so I kept on riding… and as soon as I turned it back in I felt instant regret. The guy who was waiting for it was sure was happy though. On the Nomad we wandered up […]

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Review: Titus El Guapo

October 3, 2007

My first demo at Bootleg Canyon was on the Titus El Guapo. As an XC rider, hopping on a 6 inch travel bike felt like sitting on a freeride. But as soon as I start pedaling uphill it felt like I was riding XC. The geometry and I got along perfect. I’m 5’11” and rode […]

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Review: Rocky Mountain Slayer SXC70

October 2, 2007

This was by far my favorite bike that I demo’ed at Interbike. The 2008 model hasn’t been updated on their website but I don’t think there are too many differences between this year and last years models. I had no problems adjusting to the feel or geometry of this bike. It was just like butter. […]

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Interbike 2007 Day 3 in Photos

September 27, 2007
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Interbike Outdoor Demo Day Two

September 25, 2007

Need I say more? OK. Trek — Santa Cruz — Specialized. Today was an awesome day. Better than yesterday. I’m tired. Showoom tomorrow. Sweet. Some photos. Reviews to come…

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Interbike Outdoor Demo – Day One

September 24, 2007

Today was an awesome day. All bikes, all day. I got to the Outdoor Demo around noon and went right for my home state bike company, Titus Bikes. I’ve wanted to ride the El Guapo for a long time. One word for El Guapo. Dulce. The infamous El Guapo is a sweet ride. For a […]

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The Trail to Interbike 2007

September 14, 2007

My Interbike 2007 show badge arrived yesterday! It’s been a long wait…. Last year I was at a business conference at the Venetian the same week as Interbike 2006. I managed a sneak peek at the showroom floor while the crews were setting up… then by the good graces of Tim Grahl I was introduced […]

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