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Gold Canyon Trails System

Length: 5-50+
Descriptors: Hand Built, Mild Tech, Singletrack, Twists, Turns, XC, Wonderland
Access: Cloudview, Peralta
Options: A plethora

The Skinny: Gold Canyon is a hidden gem of a trail system located just far enough east of Phoenix that most days you’ll have the trails all to yourself. If you don’t show up smiling, a loop that includes K-trail will surely have you clipping out with a smile.

ATTENTION: ELVIS has left the building!
Apacheland access to Gold Canyon is gated and closed with No trespassing signs. Please do not park on the side of the road near Apacheland. Drive up to the Cloudview lot, or head out to the Peralta TH.

There was a time when gold canyon was one trail… Lost Goldmine. SALT built this beautiful trail years ago that stretches 6 miles to Peralta trailhead. There was also a ton of horse trails on this state trust land, that mountain bikers found and rode. Now there is an entire system of sweet trails to ride.

I could go on and on about Gold Canyon. Just get out there and see for yourself if you haven’t made the trip yet. For East Valley riders, GC just might replace your regular Hawes ride…

For first timers to Gold Canyon, here’s my recommended intermediate route: Map on Trailforks – Park at Cloudview > Fenceline Trail > Cougar> 2GM > Gila Monster > Diamondback > Saguago Squeeze > Lost Goldmine > K-trail > Jodi’s Dream > K-trail > Tech Loop (CCW) > K-trail > Vortex > Holy Hill > BACK to Cloudview.

Here’s a great route by John Shilling that takes you through more of the technical parts of GC.

Gold Canyon Tech Route on



Catching air on Cougar

gold canyon mtb

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  • Looking forward to checking these trails out again soon!

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