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Highline Trail 31

260 Treailhead to See Canyon segment
Length: 6.5 miles
Descriptors: Rugged, Scenic, XC, Singletrack, Mild Tech, Super Flowy, Twisty
Access: 260 Trailhead, FR 284 See Canyon TH
Options: Out-n-back, Military Sinkhole, Drew Trail 291, Carr Lake Connections

The Skinny: The Highline trail is the gem of the Mogollon Rim. The 260 TH to See Canyon portion of the trail was the best ride in town for years. Recent (2015-2016) trail work and reroutes have given this section of the Highline new life and even better flow!

Highline Trail #31 (260 TH to See Canyon) on

The Highline Trail 31 skirts the Mogollon Rim from Pine to the 260 Trailhead. 51 miles of untamed rim country riding. The most popular section for mountain bikers is the 6.5 mile segment from the 260 Trailhead to the See Canyon Trailhead.

The epic route:
Take the Highline Trail from See Canyon trailhead to the 291 Drew Canyon Fork. Ride (HAB) up the rim along the Drew Trail 291 to FR 300. This is a huge climb (recommended for sadistic climbers who like hike-a-bike).

Hook up to the FR 300 via FR 9350 (or add some miles by continuing on the 291 to trails in the Carr Lake system which will drop you off at the Carr Lake trailhead on the 9350) and take a leisure stroll along the 300 to Military Sinkhole trail.

Then it’s down, down, down, sweet, sweet, sweet. There is short stint of rideable baby heads and usually a few downed trees to add to the adventure. Sinkhole is not for the timid. If you are new on the bike, or wary of steep downhills, ride Willow Springs Lake. Through the 260 trailhead back to the Junction with Drew.

From the 260 to Drew is beautiful trail. It follows the contour of the mountain weaving in and out of canyons and gullies, small climbs and small descents while generally gaining elevation. Once at the Drew fork, the Highline drops into some serene slickrock, rugged roots and gorgeous tree cover descending fast and furious. A couple of small climbs and fast bombs and your back at See Canyon. Nearly 18 miles of epic riding.

September 2006 Highline Ride Report

Local Bike Shop in Payson: Hike Bike and Run

Forest Service Guide to the Highline

3 thoughts on “Highline Trail 31

  • Military sinkhole and 260 TH to Drew are extremely rocky. Many loose rocks litter the trail making it slow going and not as enjoyable.

  • Avoid See Canyon for sure. I read the route wrong and See Canyon ended up being a 3k foot Hike in about 3 miles. Absolutely brutal. I wont make that mistake again.

  • The route shown above looks fine but avoid See Canyon Trail! It is in horrible condition. Lots of downed trees (like hundreds), rock slides have taken out the trail in many places. Difficult to hike in cycling shoes and a useless ~30 lbs of metal, plastic, and rubber (your bike).

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