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Lost Goldmine

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Lost Goldmine was built in partnership with SALT and Pinal County. It took seven years to complete and was finished in 2001. It’s a multi-use trail for hikers, bikers and equestrians. There are two distinct segments of Lost Goldmine. The east and the west legs. The west leg is rocky and technical for about 3 of the 3.5 miles. The east leg is sublime singletrack with enough tech to keep you coming back to clean and polish those rough spots.

I have no idea why Lost Goldmine East is not a regular ride for valley riders. It is a Desert Classic esque out-n-back (although much slower than DC) that ranks up there with the likes if Pass Mountain, Wild Horse, and Twisted Sister. Throw in the additional MTB loop singletrack and the Lost Goldmine area is a destination trail.

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6 thoughts on “Lost Goldmine

  • Ambler

    I just did the West part of the Lost Goldmine and I will admit I found it sort of hard going. I’m 60, in reasonable shape, but not a great technical cyclist–I normally cycle McDowell Regional (Pemberton-like trails). I’ve hiked the East part of LG so I know its easier, but today I got tired even before I got that far. I had to walk several of the steeper parts, its rocky in parts, then I fell off on a tight uphill twist, hurt my knee a bit. I also checked out one of the jeep trails for half a mile, again quite rocky. The trail-head is blacktop access and, the area is good scenically, and if you are a little better cyclist than me, you will surely enjoy it. I’ll probably go back later in the season and try again, but I think it may be better to start the Peralta end then turn round when the going gets rough (even though Peralta is quite a long dirt road to access the trailhead).

  • Chad

    I rode these trails about 2 months ago and they are great. I forgot to print out the map so I just winged it. These trails are awesome to say the least. There is some great single track. I think there is someone who is making these because they seem new and some parts look like a work in progress. Thanks to those working on these trails. I cannot wait to get out there again.

  • East Mesa Mike

    We rode this trail for the first time on Saturday 1-9-2010

    Started from the Cloudview parking lot and rode out on the Lost Goldmine trail following the fence line for the wilderness area. This part of the trail was a lot of fun, plenty of technical, ridable, challenging sections, steep short climbs, rock gardens, etc…definitely worth he ride. We continued on this trail until we came to a gate in the wilderness fence, then turned south and headed down a jeep trail until eventually picking up the singletrack again. This was a little weird, the trails are a little tough to find. Repeat trips will help me sort out how to best put the loop together. The singletracks were fun, not too challenging at all. The obstacles that were built up here and there are kinda funny…I much prefer the tech challenge on the lost goldmine trail to little stacked rock piles. can’t blame the builders for adding something to get some feature on the super smooth single track though..

    Great trail, will definitely ride it again.

  • My brother and I found the trailhead to Lost Goldmine East. We only rode a couple of miles due to lack of time. This trail looks promising. I’m planning to return soon to ride both East and West trails.

  • Never mind, I just re-read the description. You already answered my quesiton.

  • Thanks for some more great photos. I definintley plan on getting out there soon…looks pretty fun. Judging by your trail description, sounds kind of SoMo Desert Classic-ish?? Or would you compare it to another trail?

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