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Google Earth is revolutionizing mapping technology. This site was born from hours and hours of pouring over views of trails in Google Earth. Before I had GPS I would follow the trails and freehand draw the maps in Google Earth. To learn more about Google Earth, download it and begin your virtual adventure.

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  • I use a Garmin GPSmap 60CSx. I bought it over the smaller handheld units because I wanted the bigger screen and the SiRF chip. A couple of months later Garmin came out with the eTrex H series, with the high sensitivity chip for a lot less money.

    I haven’t mounted the CSx to my handlebars, I just trow it in my Camelbak. It’s great on the hikes too. I’m looking at the new Colorado series now. GPS just keeps getting better and better. Once you buy, something better will come out…

  • That’s funny. I find myself doing the same thing (i.e., pouring over GE looking for interesting spots to hike/bike to/through. I also have a Kawasaki KLR650 for longer trips.

    What type of GPS do you use? I’m looking around for one good for hike/bike trails including saving .gpx data like you’ve done here. Feel free to email me if you prefer to keep GPS recommendations offline.

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