Holbert at South Mountain

All you need to know about Holbert is in this sweet video by Brian Kennedy.

Holbert Trail on Trailforks.com

Exerpt from one of my rides down Holbert, Proof of Life

I am confident, clean, and rolling everything in sight. And then slow motion begins. I feel my fork compress further than normal, my weight shifts forward and I start to feel light. I know something is happening because I can see a new, freakishly odd view of the trail, like I am floating above it. The sound of my shoes unclipping flashes me back to the reality of the moment and I know I am crashing. Whether it’s instinct, pure luck, or a fleet of angels that ride with me, I am not sure, but I soar through the air, land feet first into a run, my Pearl Izumi Alps gripping the terrain like glue. As I slow to a stop, turn and see my bike in a mangle 20 feet up the trail all I can think is, “How did I land that?”