Little Duke Loop

by Mike on April 17, 2010

Little Duke Loop at EveryTrail

For the record, I named this loop myself. I figure since I’m new to the road scene I can name my rides whatever I want and who cares if no one else knows what I’m talking about.

From SE Gilbert all the way out to John Wayne Parkway via Hunt, Alma School and Riggs. That nice 7 mile stretch along the res to The Duke Pkwy is really nice. Semi-smooth (not rough in the least) and very wide. The only climb is getting over the 10 overpass. No shoulder and the view of the cars on the 10 below you make this spot really fun.

John Wayne Pkwy 347 Maricopa Rd. is also a nice stretch. Super wide, and smooth. Until it turns into Queen Creek and crosses over the 10 again. Here it gets rougher, but not unbearable on the skinny tires… Next stop. Circel K at Price and Queen Creek. The perfect convenience store snack and refill.

50 plus nice flat road miles over mostly really good road. Only a couple of short 1 mile stretches without a shoulder.

I threw the Seville Loop and the Ocotillo out-n-back in just to make it a solid 50. Seemed a shame to stop at 42 when I still had time and legs.

This ride was the prep for a Ride Around SoMo I’m dreaming up. I know the roadies do it all the time, but I want to ride it from Gilbert. It’s close to 100 miles. Not sure whether I want to do a century on the road yet. I always thought I’d bag a Mountain century before I even thought about a century road. Decisions, decisions.

Where I came from...

Where I came from...

Where I am going...

Where I am going...

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