Quartz Ridge Loop

From Quartz Ridge Loop

Quartz Ridge – Lost Goldmine at EveryTrail

Another crazy eight loop. I really like doing figure eights. There’s something about the middle cross point that I love. Knowing I’ll be back at that point again…it’s crazy, but I like it.

Saw lots of wildlife out there today…a cow, a snake, bunnies, lizards, and squirrels. The trails were so narrow, and the brush so thick that when I approached, the animals had nowhere to flee but along the trail, as fast as they could. I had some good chases. Lizards are wicked fast.

Also had a couple of run ins with chollaballs…got two stuck in both shins. One left over 30 spines. I had to pull out the tweezers for trailside surgery that left me a bloody mess. Gotta love Arizona.

I rode the Quartz Ridge loop in the Lost Goldmine area. Kevin showed me the trail a few weeks ago. Finally got back to ride it in reverse (the non-flow-climb way). It was a good climb, a couple of HABs, but really fun. This area has so many horse trails to explore. Between the jeep roads and the hidden singletrack, there are miles and miles of rugged Arizona goodness to ride. The best part about the day…didn’t see a soul on the trail. Am I turning into a recluse rider or what?

From Quartz Ridge Loop