Tom’s Thumb C2C2C

by Mike on December 17, 2009

Mike and Tom's Thumb

I set out for an epic, and epic is what I got. Since my first climb up Tommy Boy, all I could think about was climbing it again. Last time I opted to ride down East End and hook up with Bell pass for a nice double bypass. Still I wondered what the north side of Tom’s Thumb was like… and how it would feel to do it all in one ride…

Here are the stats from this epic ride:

    14.4 miles
    5,420 feet climbing elevation
    104 switchbacks (52 one way)
    40 climbing switchbacks cleaned
    50 descending switchbacks cleaned
    Moving time 3:05
    Total time 4:03
    4 sets of leg cramps (both quads, both hams same time on the very last 1/2 mile climb out to Windgate)

Major Tom, Tommy Boy, Tom Tom, Tommy Burger with Chili, call him what you want, he’s an animal. He’ll make you laugh, he’ll make you cry. He’ll push you to your limit and then further. He’ll give you almost all the climbing of the Quadruple Bypass in only 14 miles!

Vids all shot with the VholdR strapped to my downtube with this makeshift mount. Don’t mind the squeaky monkey on my rear shock. I’m so used Curious George I hardly notice him anymore. But he get’s old fast in the vids.

Something went screwy with the Camera and I missed the entire switchback section coming back down Tom’s Thumb on the South side. It was the funnest downhill spot of the ride, I made some crazy switchbacks…and no one to see them. Better get up there yourself and see it first hand. Bring you legs though, ‘cuz there aint no thumbin’ your way to the top.

Tom’s Thumb C2C2C

Down the north side of Tom’s Thumb. Part 1:Part 2 down North Tom’s. Again don’t mind the squeaky shock. It’s a 2006 Rock Shox MC3R, that needs an overhaul…or better yet replaced with a FOX Float RP 23…Fun Section of North Tom’s coming back to East End. Pimping the LiveStrong Foundation. Donate to my Team Fatty LiveStrong page!

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