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Annual Pass Mountain Day

While I didn’t know it at the time of the ride…today is annual Pass Mountain Day for me. Last year today, I rode Pass Mountain, and today I rode it again, thus making it a tradition. Henceforth, I decree that today, December 8th, is Pass Mountain Day.

Today was a unique day. Not just because I was riding with two mounting biking studs, UtRider and his brother, but because today the trail was in gorgeous shape after all the rains. Very little standing water, only a small puddle or two on the trail. All the dust, sand and summer froth was gone. We enjoyed sticky singletrack.

Read up on Mark’s ride report but don’t believe everything he says about me. He’s a stud of an MTBer himself, here on his annual AZ snowbirding trip. Today was his sixth ride since Thursday (which includes a 2.5 bypass). He’s got some great pics from today on his blog, and great stories of riding the Wasatch.

And now for the video. Nothing from the east and north side of the mountain, I didn’t have the helmetcam set up yet. This first vid is Mark’s brother coming down the first big spot below the saddle. Nicely done, one dab and he makes the switchback.

More vids to come later…

2 thoughts on “Annual Pass Mountain Day

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  • brilog

    It looks like its downhill most of the way. I guess there was a climb getting there. That trail is on my short list to ride soon. Was it cold? It looks techy and easy combined. Thanks for the video documentation.

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