Arizona Mountain Biking

It’d be silly not to…

…ride fresh new singletrack in the valley.

If you’ve ever taken the US 60 east out to Superior or Florence, then you’ve passed right by Silly Mountain. Every time I drove past it on my way to Lost Goldmine, I wondered if there were trails hiding back in there. Well the wondering is over. I officially announce that Silly Singletrack rules. All 3.5 miles of it.

Sure, there’s not much unique trail length-wise, but there is enough tech and climbing to keep me coming back. It’s got the ruggedness of Lost Goldmine, the colors of the Goldfields, the climbing pitches of the McDowell’s and there are even a few dangerously jagged rock gardens for kicks…all packed into one tiny little trail system, that you can loop to your tire’s content.

The trails are nicely cut, and the views of the Supes are awesome. For East-valley riders, this new system is close… Get out and ride it, it’d be silly not to.

Here’s a view of the Crest Trail from the top of Old Baldy. Doesn’t it looks kind of like climbing Mesquite out on the Goat Camp XC? Bench trail. Gotta love it.