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Specialized Demo at DNA Mesa

Great lunch today over at DNA Cycles in Mesa. Hot dogs, chips, Wild Cherry Pepsi, and for dessert, eleven miles of Roubaix a Las Sendas. I didn’t go there to demo a road bike…it just sort of happened. I saw them all lined up so pretty…MTBs on one side road bikes on the other…usually the mountain bikes grab my attention and keep it. But today the Roubaix Pro was calling my name.

Having only ridden a 1986 Schwinn 10 speed, and a 2008 Motobecane Sprint in my short history of road riding, I’m not at all qualified to review the intricacies of road bikes… but it doesn’t take a pro to see that the Roubaix is a whole new breed of bike. I shouldn’t have ridden it. Now I can’t see myself throwing anything less than 5 grand down for a road bike.

So it was nice to get out today for my second official road ride. Weather was perfect, even a cool breeze. The roads out in Las Sendas are smooth and they’ve got just enough grade to make it fun. I set out to just do the loop, but Las Sendas Mountain Drive called me…then I saw the climb up the cul-de-sac on Hawes, and then I saw the road to the water tank. I couldn’t resist the hills. With another skinny tire ride under my cleats I’m feeling more love for the road. It’s only a matter of time before I start shaving my legs…rewind. No leg shaving until I own a sweet road bike. That buys me plenty of time.

Specialized will be out at Usery Mountain Park tomorrow demoing road and MTB. They even have a ‘cross bike for demo… Thanks for lunch DNA. The new store in Mesa looks great!

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3 thoughts on “Specialized Demo at DNA Mesa

  • I definitely agree with Scott C. EOP is one of the best rides in this area.

  • I am looking forward to climbing on that ride. I’ve heard about it from a lot of people. I just need a bike. I’m hoping I can demo another one from DNA on their group ride out there. Soon, yes soon.

  • You’ll never truly understand the excitement in road riding till you do EOP (end of pavement – past tortilla flat). I did that ride for the first time two Saturdays ago and it was nothing short of incredible. It was about 70 miles with almost 5000 feet of climbing; throw in the really curvy roads and you have road bike heaven.

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