I’ve Joined Team Fatty Austin

The LIVESTRONG Challenge is on. I’ve joined Team Fatty Austin and am accepting donations at:


I’ve made the commitment to call on my family, friends, fellow Arizonan bikers (roadie and mountain) as well as all readers of this blog to dig deep into their couch cushions and donate to Team Fat Cyclist: Fighting for Susan. The goal is to raise $500,000. I think we can raise twice that.

Donations of as little as 5 dollars can be made. Please take some time to read about the Livestrong Challenge and donate to the Lance Armstrong Foundation. If you’d like to do more than just donate, join Team Fatty! There are four Teams to choose from:

Seattle | San Jose | Philly | Austin

Keep up with how we are doing by visiting my Livestrong Challenge page.

Someone, please make the first donation! I can’t stand seeing that big “I’ve raised $0” over there on the right.