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Single Ring Tale

Ringtail Loop, McDowell Sonoran Preserve

Last week I was in Scottsdale for a business lunch, and suggested to my colleague that we do a little riding first. He was all for it even though he hadn’t ridden in years. Watch out golf, mountain biking is the new business sport. (On the mountain you can really see what your business partners are made of.)

We made one single lap around the Ringtail Loop in the McDowell Sonoran Preserve. Clockwise from the 124th Street lot, beginning on the Lost Dog trail and finishing via the Anasazi Spur. At 3.4 miles, Ringtail is the perfect lunch ride.

I was on the singlespeed again, only my second official ride. I’m finding myself looking for more and more reasons to ride singlespeed over geared… the best option is to bring along a friend who needs a bike. They ride in the plushness of the Fuel EX9, I ride the serenity of singlespeed.

Ringtail is a great loop for singlespeed. There are no huge climbs to stall on, but enough climbing for a good workout. It’s even intermediately technical. Rocky in spots and some sweet switchbacks to turn. The technical spots are all on the west segment, from the Lost Dog turnoff to the junction with Sunrise. (Ahhh Sunrise. I could see your infamous switchback high up the mountain…onespeed and I will be back for you…) The east portion of Ringtail is not technical at all. It flows down past the small 128th Street lot, then gradually climbs back.

We had a great time. My business colleague rocked the trail and we both had a great time. Over lunch at George & Sons (just down the street from the 124th St. TH) we talked business and bikes. Good times.

Ringtail elevation profile