Defective Rock Shox MC3 R

Rock Shox MC3RLet me tell you a story about my rear suspension… The stock Rock Shox MC3.R squealed so loud on each compression…they said it was the hydraulic dampening. Easily replaced. My second shock lost its motion control. There was absolutely no floodgate. My third shock didn’t even make it out of the shop before I realized that the motion control was frozen too.

Finally on my fourth shock. Still no motion control. I took it home anyway. I’ve given up. If it starts to squeal then I’ll have to send it back too. SRAM has been excellent with their customer service, I just shouldn’t have to send four shocks back in one year. Maybe that’s why Trek is put Fox suspension on the 2007 line up

When I demoed the EX 9.5 last year it came equipt with the Fox Float RP23. Now that is one shock I could live with. Please SRAM you’re losing me as a customer. I’m a fan of X-0, but I’d easily go back to Shimano…

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