Review: 2006 Trek Fuel EX 9

I just finished up a pretty complete review of my bike on Squidoo. I’ve owned the Fuel EX 9 for just over a year now. It dissapoints me to say that I’ve only logged about 400 mile on the bike so far.

If I wasn’t married or had three kids I’m sure I could have increased that mileage by a factor of 10. But I’d never even dream of trading time with my family for more solo miles in the desert. As long as I get in a few hours of trail time a week I’m pretty happy. I’m lucky that I get to spend lot’s of time with my kids. I love riding, but I love my family more and I’ve got my odometer to prove it!

But 400 miles is enough to know what works and what doesn’t work on the bike. In short, only had major problems with one component. The rear shock, a Rock Shox MC3R. The hydraulic dampening blew on the first shock, and the motion control was motion-less on the next three. I’ve never been able to get use out of the dual pop-lock floodgate control. I’m still trying to decide what to do about my fourth defective shock. SRAM has replaced each one, but when will it end?

That’s pretty much my only rant with this bike. The positives completely overshadow the negatives. For the full review, visit Squidoo.

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