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Interbike 2006 – From the Outside

I’m in Vegas this week…but not for Interbike. I’m here to blog the Six Sigma conference at the Venetian. I keep seeing all these bikers walking around with big smiles on their faces…dirty jerseys, and the look of freedom in their eyes. While I’m carrying my laptop and sitting in business meetings…there’s a whole city of biking going on outside (and inside too).

I’ve been talking to every jersey wearing, cleat clacking, helmet carrying person I see. From bike mechanics, to racers. Everyone looks like they’re having a good time. One rider and I got to talking about why we love to ride. He to told me how riding just clears his head from thinking anything…I totally related. When I’m on the trail, there’s nothing else on my mind but trail.

A couple of riders with red Trek jerseys were telling me how sweet the 2007 Trek line is. I didn’t catch their names. They also told me how great Bootleg canyon is and that I should just go there and rent a bike from the shop nearby, just so I could ride it while I’m here. I told them they should ride in Arizona some time, because AZ has some great trails…namely South Mountain.

I might run into more people worth Interbike blogging about. But if you’re looking for constant coverage — read Blue Collar, Go Clipless, or They’re all covering the events. Well, back to business…