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Review: Maxxis Larsen TT UST Tubeless

Maxxis Larsen TTI rode Hawes Trail yesterday morning on my new Larsen TT rear tire. A bike mechanic at Landis Cyclery recommended it to me. He said it was perfect for the Arizona dry hard pack trails. He said he races with the Larsen TT and was with Steve Larsen when he sketched the concept of the tire out on a napkin years ago. So I went home and read the MTBR reviews. Overall rating was good. A 4.20/5. The only negative was people said they don’t shed mud well. Not a problem in sunny Arizona (We went over four months straight without rain this year). So I went back to Landis and picked it up.

The Larsen TT Tubeless is one sweet tire. I loaded it with 3 oz. of Bontrager Super Juice and set out to give it a good ride. I’ve used True Goo and Slime in other tires. Both evaporated out within a month. Maybe it was the tire, maybe the sealant. I thought I’d give the Super Juice a shot since Bonti’s been good to me. The L.U.S.T. (Lightweight Ultimate Sidewall Technology) makes the Larsen TT lightweight while increasing air retention.

The tire lived up it all I’ve heard about it. Traction was excellent on the Hawes hardpack and loose dry soil. It climbed great, no spinning or slipping at all. The next test will be a South Mountain trail to see how it handles on the boulders.

The Larsen TT UST Tubeless carries a hefty price tag compared to your standard MTB tire. I paid $55 for it at Landis. I’ve seen it cheaper online…but online is no good when you need your tire today. The Super Juice puts a dent in the wallet too at $15. All that aside…riding tubeless with the confidence of a flat free ride…Priceless.

November 2006 – Update I: I’ve had the Larsen TT UST on for two months now. And it hasn’t failed me once. No flats no washing out, pure traction. I won’t ride on any other tire in Arizona.

October 2007 – Update II: I’ve now ridden the Larsen TT for over a year. With more than 600 mountain miles it still has good tread and handles well. Never had a flat, thanks to the Super Juice. As I said before, I’ll say again, the Larsen TT was made for Arizona desert conditions.

April 2008 – Update III: I finally had to buy a new TT in March, 2008. I rode my first TT for nearly a year and a half which was about 800 desert miles. I replaced it with another and am now running Stan’s. No tubes, No flats. Knock on wood.

May, 2009 – Update IV: My last TT lasted a full year until one of the knobs ripped off. I managed 800 miles in that 12 month span. 800 rocky Arizona miles has got to be like 1600 miles anywhere else…I temporarily replaced it with a spare Crossmark and a slime tube. The Larsen TT is solid! Two tires 800 miles each. Thank you Maxxis.

And a special thanks to Steve Larsen who designed the Larsen TT. I was shocked and saddened by his passing this month. While he’ll be remembered most for his accomplishments in cycling, I’ll remember him on every ride – as his namesake tire shreds through Arizona…

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