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Interbike 2006 – Sneak Peak of the Showroom Floor

After writing my last post I thought I’d head down to the Sands Expo and take a few pictures of the Interbike signs, since that was about as much as I figured I’d see… After a few shots, including the Interbike 2007 sign, I just kept walking… Made it up to the the On-line lounge, then I saw a door, a side door with a pretty view…As I crept up , the smell of bikes and the lure of logos captured me…I couldn’t help myself, so I went for a little stroll…

With security guards all over the place, I rememberd what Tim Grahl of Blue Collar said about taking pictures… so I turned the flash off and snuck a few shots of some new Kona’s (the Stinky Deluxe, Stinky Primo, and the Dawg Supreme –they’re a bit blurry though), the brown 2007 Camelbak Hawg, the Manitou Travis, and a shot of the showroom floor from the Masi bikes area.

Walking the showroom was awesome! All these new bikes and gear just waiting to be touched by the hands of buyers and bloggers.

So really now, how could I ask for more? I got a self-guided tour of the best place on Earth this week. Now it’s time to get back to business. Enjoy the pics.

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