South Mountain, National Trail Video

I shot this footage on National Trail, South Mountain, Phoenix. Nothing too spectacular, just a little XC riding down the waterfall and steps, two technical spots that South Mountain is famous for.

The highlight of the day was waiting for a group of senior citizens to walk up the waterfall, they asked me if I was going to ride down that…I said, sure am. Some said they just couldn’t stand to watch…the rest gathered around and became spectators. When I successfully made it down they all cheered for me. Nothing like putting on a show for a bunch of old people (who were mighty fit I might add).

Riding my 2006 Trek Fuel EX 9. One sturdy steed. Riding music, Comfort Eagle, provided by CAKE.

One thought on “South Mountain, National Trail Video

  • November 7, 2009 at 4:50 pm

    National isn’t ordinary trail riding, it’s one of the hardest trails to bike in the state. . . Just saying

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