24 Hours of MOAB – Real Time Results

moab_sun_thumb.gif24 Hours of Moab started at noon today…Though I wish I was there soaking up all the red dirt, I’ve been doing the second best thing…following the race as it happens from the real-time results page.

The Google Earthlings are in second to last place as of 7:30 PM Saturday night for the 5 person coed class.

For Men’s solo, after 5 laps Nick Martin, Nat Ross and Josh Tostado are all within 2 minutes of eachother. Lynda Wallenfels is leading the women’s solo after 5 laps. Go Lynda!

This is awesome. If only someone was filming some helmet cam with a live feed… Granny Gear also has the map of the courseGoogle Earth File. You must have Google Earth installed for this link to work. overlayed in Google Earth. Pretty sweet to feel the action hundreds of miles away.

Live audio from Moab is at ride424.com. Thanks Blue Collar for the tip. Just in, the race has been postponed until 7AM tomorrow morning… Moab has gotten some serious rain…

One thought on “24 Hours of MOAB – Real Time Results

  • October 18, 2006 at 3:43 pm

    Thanks for following along! The scoring was a fiasco and some of the RFID tags weren’t working. Eli rode a lap in between me and John. It’s been a couple days and they still don’t have the final results up yet! So much for real-time scoring.

    Here’s to hoping we get that lap counted,
    Dave from Google Earthlings

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