Interbike Celebrity Spotting

Today on the way to a meeting I ran into Marla Streb in the elevator. I asked her how Interbike was going and she said it was great, and that she’d already almost lost her voice from taking so much. That’s all I got to say to her before she was gone. Cool! I’ve had tons of conversations with Interbikers in the elevators and in the halls on the way to the Sands.

Guitar Ted says it best,

“The cycling passion oozing from their prescence is intoxicating.”

I can totally feel the passion oozing through the Venetian. I have a great time just reading the t-shirts on passerbyers. My favorite so far (before I saw the GC-T) was “Ride it. Clean it.” Interbike from the outside is still sweet. Tomorrow I’ll be looking for a way to sneak a closer look at the action.

One thought on “Interbike Celebrity Spotting

  • October 5, 2006 at 9:24 pm

    You can do better than that. Where was Greg LeMond or Lance Armstrong?

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