The Leadville 100


The Leadville 100 is tomorrow. I like to kid myself and think that I could do this race if I tried. But then I think I’d better have more than one 56 mile ride under my wheels before I even think about racing 100.

That said, I really admire all the racers who do enter the Leadville. For whatever reasons they have, one thing is the same: 100 miles of high altitude mountain biking with a chance to be passed by Lance Armstrong.

This year Lance is actually in the Leadville. He’s number 7 and he’s riding a Trek Top Fuel 9.8. UltraRob has some video footage of Lance’s Leadville recon.

Last year Floyd Landis took second to Dave Wiens by less than 2 minutes. Dave has won the overall every year since 2003. If Landis got within two minutes of Wiens, Armstrong can surely do better than that even if he’s not in Tour de France shape. I wish I could get live updates…

UPDATE: Wiens beats Armstrong by 2 minutes. Video of the race between Lance and Dave

Good luck to all 40 Arizonans headed to Colorado this weekend to compete. I wish for you oxygen in your lungs. Also good luck to Fatty, who’s riding this year on his WaltWorks singlespeed.



Leadville Course Maps